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In-Spirit Journeys are proud to have hosted and worked with numerous organizations and individuals in facilitating various sacred site tours and journeys in Southern Africa and the U.K. including, White Rose Foundation, Through the Heart to Peace Foundation, Earth Treasure Vase, and many other groups and individuals.

The following are some of the comments received from our valued fellow travellers who have toured with us:

brad Brad Laughlin, CoreLight Director – Since 1997, we have worked with Stuart Gedrim in bringing groups (usually 16 people) from the U.S. on unique sacred-site tours(usually 3-weeks long) of South Africa. Without exception, our participants have incredibly powerful, life-changing experiences. When Stuart travels with us, he has the invaluable gifts of anticipating our needs without my asking and assisting and holding our groups with humility and without being intrusive. His work is impeccable, thorough, and thoughtful, and his manner is gentle, accommodating, caring and generous. We can always rest easy, knowing no details will fall through the cracks. He offers excellent advice and expertise about the places to take our groups, how to travel, and where to eat and sleep.



christen_client We could not have organized our tours without Stuart’s competent, responsible support and superior service. It has also been a joy getting to know him personally. We highly recommend working with Stuart”.
Leslie Temple-Thurston, CoreLight Founder”




client_buzen Ann Buzenburg, Harmony Tours, USA “you guys are certainly a class act in the arena of spiritual travel – thank you for facilitating such a wonderful trip. Thank you both so much for your leadership and contribution to this amazing tour ”





jude_client Jude Currivan nee Stammers, U.K “Stuart and Audrey’s great generosity of heart and their deep love of the land and people of Africa have gifted my journeys with them with joy and profound connection. I look forward to many more journeys together”





brit_client Britt Das, Holland “a truly magical experience where the beauty of Africa, the strength of the
native people and the energy of the land becomes each day more clear during
this journey. By sharing their insights and remarkable guidance you have
the opportunity to blend in and enjoy! ”



Jacq Muuse Jacqueline Muuse, Holland “The tours that I have made with Stuart and Audrey felt every time like a warm bath. For me South Africa was not only a discovery of a beautiful and impressive country but simultaneously a discovery in myself – a feeling of coming home within myself in South Africa”





chritspage_client Dr. Christine Page, USA I had the pleasure of travelling on a tour with Stuart and Audrey during the solar eclipse in South Africa. Their expertise, support and knowledge made the trip one of the best ever as they knew their culture as well as offering great
insights into the mysteries of this beautiful country. Thanks to you both…..




sam_client Samvara Bodewig, Brazil, S. America “After travelling many places of the world and living in many different countries, South-Africa was an incredible and unexpected surprise; so much natural beauty and grandeur and such an experience to be with the big animals. But specially the professional and heartful caretaking of Audrey and Stuart made the journey really wonder-full”




graham_client Ian Graham, Normandy, France “The combined talents, experience and knowledge of Stuart and Audrey create a richly rewarding and uplifting holiday experience. Their love of South Africa is infectious and their impeccably planned tours provide a unique opportunity to get close to the spirit of this magical land. ”





jon_buz Brian Gerhardt, High Wickham, U.K “South Africa ; the adventure, the passion, the beauty, the splendor, the
spirit, the warmth…… as I travelled the land I found it all reflected back
in the radiant eyes of Stuart and Audrey. Walking with you made my heart fill
with joy and smile deeply, thank you both. ”



et_clients els_client Etta Steenbeek, &  Els Van Graaf, Netherlands”It was a very special trip this year. We learned a lot and we experienced a
lot, especially the day we met the bushmen. Also the walks in the Drakensbergen were very impressive. We look forward to the next trip!!”





john_client John Moon of Moon Tours, Cornwall U.K. “Travelling with Stuart and Audrey is not simply a ‘journey’ in the physical sense, but a deep and highly spiritual life changing ‘pilgrimage’. Visits to sacred sites and earth energy power-points, with like-minded people, are often deep emotional experiences, and the unfolding of the group’s ‘journey’ is rarely predictable, but always onwards ”




client_flora Flora Hoskin U.K. “My experience of these unique and very special Sacred Sites tours has been not only a journey visiting the most beautiful, powerful and fascinating places in South Africa, but also a profound inner journey with the self and fellow travellers. The group itself plays an important part in this of course–the dynamic of individuals interacting and pressing buttons. And how we interact with and experience the energy of the powerful landscapes and sacred sites of South Africa. What I like and appreciate so much about how Audrey and Stuart lead their tours is that it is a WHOLE experience. The inner journey reflects the outer and the other way around.”



client_jozee Jozee Brinkgreve, Holland. ” I love the red earth and I love the way you feel the earth is alive here. I love the beetles and the lions, the dassies and the giraffes and all other living animals in this country. I enjoyed the lush, changing vegetation. But most of all, after going on this trip with you, I realize how important tour guides are. Being in a small group enables you to be flexible and suit everyone’s preferences. Moreover, you give everyone a sense of freedom and encourage them to be their true selves, no matter whether they have a good day or a bad day. In this way you create a space for everyone in the group to have their own experiences and seek new insights. Combining all of this with fun and jokes makes going on a tour with you a truly joyful experience! Thank you for your love and support.”



sue Sue Sheridan, Windsor, U.K. “In-Spirit Tours in South Africa are exceptional. With Stuart and Audrey at
the helm you have fun and learn at the same time – the perfect way to
experience the joy of spiritual awakenings!”




client_lit Nitya” Richmond, USA “I know I am more sensitive to everything because of my experiences with you in SA, because of one great talent you have (there are many of course!): you don’t taint or prejudice the journeyor’s experience in any way whilst visiting sacred sites. In my experience this is a rare talent, and I appreciate you for that… not only for the enhanced enjoyment of the South African experience but for what is obviously happening in the rest of my life!”




client_ron Ron Kellog, USA “what a wonderful experience. Thank you for showing us the wonders of Africa”





lidy_client Lidy Six, Netherlands ” The beauty of the trip for me has been about being able to distinguish the
differences in energy of the sacred sites, especially the embracing gentleness of the energies of the Healing Stone and Giant Footprint and the joy of being able to attune to these energies. It still has a beneficial effect both in my work and private life”




client_virginia Virginia Saunders, USA “Can’t tell you how much the trip meant to me. I learned so much, and can never thank you enough.”