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During our tours to Sacred Africa we share many mysteries, myths and legends passed down in the ancient oral traditions by the tribal wisdom keepers of Africa.
The following are a small selection of the many mysteries of South Africa:

Umlindi Wemingizuma


Umlindi Wemingizuma, the Stone Giant – Watcher of the South

This concerns the African story of creation and the Great Earth Mother’s struggle to complete the earth.

It relates to the mystery, sacredness and significance of Table Mountain.




Giant Footprint 2A



Footprint of the Heavenly Princess
Set in granite and reputed to be millions of years old, this perfect giant footprint (left foot), known by the ancients as the Footprint of the Heavenly princess, is over 5 feet tall and perfect in every detail.





Rock Face 1A A



Mysterious Rock Profile Alignments

There exists in the mountains of the Cape, an amazing alignment of Rock profiles (faces) of immense proportions, that align with the movements of the heavenly bodies at specific times of the day and year.




White Lions3



White Lions of the Timbavati

These special and striking felines are considered by the African Wisdom Keepers to be the most sacred animal on Earth and a gift from the Gods to mankind.

According to the traditional knowledge of Umlando, they are here at this time of our evolution with a message for us.

The link between humans and lions among African tribes is very special and goes back thousands of years.







Shango & Mau Energy Lines – Table Mountain

Shango (male) and Mau (female) are the names given by Credo Mutwa to the two most powerful energy lines intersecting Table Mountain, as dowsed by our friend, the late Hamish Miller and Ba Russell in March 2002.

It is possible that these are 2 of the 12 major Druidic Lines that circumnavigate the earth.



Flower Pattern TM. pic



This is the pattern dowsed by Hamish Miller at the Node Point (meeting  place of the Shango and Mau energy lines) on Table Mountain.

After meditating for about 20 minutes, when dowsed again by Hamish it had increased in size 5 fold.







Solar Disc



The Solar Disc – Table Mountain

One of the earth’s 12 major Solar Discs is situated on the slopes of Table Mountain and was activated by visiting U.K. researcher, Jude Stammers and friends, in June 2001.