April 2016

Warm greetings to all of our friends from Audrey and Stuart and we hope that you enjoy reading our latest news from South Africa.

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  • Retreats
  • White Lions – Farewell to Mandla – King of the Royal Pride
  • Netherlands Visit 2015
  • Tour / Retreat Schedule 2016
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We have finally completed the Website update giving it a whole new look in keeping of where we are now in ourselves, with changes to the content and scheduling of our 2016 Tour Calendar. We have some exciting tours lined up with new experiences to be enjoyed and we hope that what we have to offer may inspire you to join us on one of our Journey’s or Retreats. See below for 2016 Tour Schedule or visit the home page and click on the relevant photo for more details of the tour itinerary or retreat of your choice.
Also, please always feel free to send us any comments, requests or idea’s you have on the tours.

We have been reflecting on the last year and have seen how we have faced our challenges. It was an inspiring and interesting year with a lot of growth that has enabled us to bring our energies more into alignment so that we can focus on what is right for us now.
We are aware that it has been a very challenging period for every one as time is speeding up even more, weather patterns have become unpredictable, global strife has intensified, relationships are being tested and many people experience ‘fatigue’ and are in need of time out to replenish ones self.

On reflection, we realize that now more than ever, there is a need to be more centered in order to be able to cope with these increased pressures. We have therefore developed a Retreat program for 2016, in addition to our various Tours.

We are offering 2 Retreats for 2016 in Cape Town and the West Coast and Majorca. Early next year we will also offer an African wilderness retreat that will combine a few days in the African Bush with a luxurious Spa Retreat.

What: Our intention is to create a space and time to remove our focus from the outside world into ourselves, so that we can reconnect with our divine and be able to attune to our inner voice. Time also to just simply spend with ourselves. Time to rejuvenate, reload our batteries and be in tune with our needs, Time to digest the impressions we are getting bombarded with and just be quiet and get our personal space back.

How: The Retreats will include:
Guided Meditations to help us refocus within, cleanse and rejuvenate ourselves.
Quiet meditations
Exercises to establish what is important in our life
How to get connected to our purpose
How to hold our light in the presence of so much change and disruption
Listening to the Inner Voice and receive Inspiration
How to unburden the feeling body so that we can use our senses better.
Connect with the elements (earth, fire, air, water) and the animal kingdom
And more…..

Where: We will hold our Retreats in places of high energy – void of pollution, that are inspiring and scenically beautiful, and enable us to connect with nature.
Please visit the home page and click on the respective Retreat Programmes we are offering this year.

Post Retreat Tour: For those wishing to extend their trip we will arrange other add-ons on request.


We received the sad news that Mandla, the King of the White Lion Royal Pride died recently and our dear friend Brad Laughlin of Corelight made the following video to commemorate his life. (Click here to view:)

Last year saw the tragic death of Marah which was a devastating blow to Linda and Jason and all of us who are closely associated with the Global White Lion Protection Trust.

You can learn more about the Global White Lion Protection Trust and get all the latest news about how Zihra, Regeus and Letaba are doing in their new refuge (Tsau! White Lion Heritage Site) by visiting their website at where you can also sign up to become a member and support this noble cause.

The following channeling of Lord Kuthumi by Michelle Eloff in which the following question was asked, explains more about the import of lions in a spiritual context:
Q – “Can you explain a little of how lions are the conduits of the Golden energy?”
A – “Certainly. Beloved sister, the feline family is of Sirian energy. They are a part of the Sirian body of Light, as are dolphins, whales and elephants. The felines are made up of a variety of species – the lions however, hold the Golden vibration which the Sirian Masters are anchoring on earth. Because lions are Sirian energy they are the vessels many of the Sirian Masters utilize, which they manifest physically in to anchor that golden thread. The lions represent the roaring of truth, therefore they anchor the vibrations of truth brought forth by the Sirian Masters to liberate all the throat chakric points and sacral chakric points on the planet. The throat chakra is a creative centre, as is the sacral chakra. You are aware of the fact that the time will come where the base chakra, the Sun chakra, and the sacral chakra, become ‘one’ chakra. They are – the golden lions, that is – are the physical mechanism holding the energy to make this possible. Courage is the internal thread required for every soul to stand in their truth and roar it. Do you understand?”

It is always lovely to get confirmation from other sources.

It was great to meet so many new friends during our Mark Intensive in Holland in September with Jonette Crowley.
As always it is wonderful to meet and be inspired by each other.


  •  March – Cape Town & Mpumalanga Sacred Site Tour.
  •  April/ May – Namibia Tour .
  •  August / September Netherlands Visit
  •  September – Majorca Retreat
  •  November Mpumalanga Sacred Site Tour

Please contact us for detailed itineraries and information about any of these.
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Postal address – In-Spirit Journeys P.O. Box. 26183, Hout Bay, 7872, Cape Town, South Africa.
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After each tour departs for home, we rediscover how dear the people in our groups are to us. Each tour seems to include lots of healing, lots of growth, much sharing and deep bonding. Then as free spirits we set off on our individual journeys again, touched and moved by this place called Africa, feeling enriched, stronger, more in essence – with new quests and questions to answer in ourselves.

Bless you and Thank You for journeying with us, we love you and you are in our hearts,

Audrey & Stuart