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Our experience, especially with the San Bushmen, to support them morally, verbally and in Spirit, is as important as donating money. Feedback from our Bushman Guide, Petrus for instance, was that he felt seen and respected in his essence by our group, which inspired and strengthened him in the challenges he faces for creating change and healing for his people. Petrus shared with us that often he had experienced people trying to help but that they were motivated by their sense of feeling good themselves (satisfying their conscience) rather than being attuned to what the Bushmen themselves want. We witnessed an example of this with the building of a cultural center, which is unused by the Bushmen, as it was built without due consultation of what they really want.

Of course with most projects, money is needed, but not everyone has the ability to provide money. However, we all have the ability to share our love and the miracles that this can bring is beyond anything one can provide materially.

Our approach in supporting projects is by making a heart connection and helping people to help themselves.
St. John’s Apostolic Faith Mission – Guguletu, Cape Town
We have developed a close relationship with this small African Church group who, in addition to their regular services, also operate a sick bay for people in their community. Using water that has been blessed in their church, they have had some astonishing results.

Together with some of our friends from the Corelight Organisation in the USA and our other regular travelers, we have been blessed to be able to assist them in repairing their church roof when it was extensively damaged during a severe storm.The welcome that we
receive during our visits to this church is a very moving experience and a constant reminder that we are all one in Spirit.


Bushmen – Kalahari
One of our scheduled tours incorporates four days with our good friend and Bushman Guide – Petrus. Here we learn and experience the ways of the Bushman as passed down over the centuries.

Over time the Bushmen, who are by nature a gentle, caring community, have been persecuted and driven out of their original homelands and now reside predominantly in remote desert areas of South Africa. As a result of their losing their land and access

to the wildlife that was an essential part of their normal way of life, the Bushman’s lifestyle has been ravaged. With almost no chance of employment, alcohol abuse has become a serious problem. Our dear friend Claire Barry is living and working full time with the Bushmen people in the Kalahari and, together with donations from our groups, we support Claire’s work and the Bushmen people directly during our visits.


Xolweni Trust – Plettenberg Bay
This group of shanty dwellers reside in an informal settlement in Plettenberg Bay, on the Garden Route.

As a way of supporting themselves and providing the means to give their children a proper education, they have formed a theatre group offering performances of dance, singing and poetry to visiting tourists. Xolweni were commended by the South African Government in 2001 for their entrepreneurial spirit in developing this self help
programme. We have been blessed to be able to support them during tour visits and by generous donations from our travelers, who have been deeply moved by this happy band of entrepreneurs who display great pride in what they are achieving.


Aids Project
Aids is arguably, the most serious problem facing southern Africa with millions of people having contracted HIV. To date there is no cure despite the enormous amount of money being invested by the traditional medical profession. Our close friend and mentor, Credo Mutwa, together with Virginia his Sangoma assistant, are achieving some amazing results in treating Aids sufferers using a herbal remedy from the indigenous Sutherlandia plant. While not claimed as a total cure for Aids it has improved the lives of over 600
people with some seemingly now totally free of the symptoms.
Virginia has established a small healing center, which is growing in reputation and our intentions are to support this project.