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1 For centuries the indigenous people around the world have visited sacred places of strong earth energy whenever they felt the need to connect with the Divine. At such cosmic portals, one can more readily connect with ones Higher Self and receive guidance and insights of life issues.


The indigenous tribes-people of Africa, like their Aboriginal and Native American Indian brothers, are the true wisdom keepers of Earth.


Our friend and mentor, Zulu spiritual leader and High Sanusi – Credo Mutwa, a guardian of Umlando – The Great Knowledge (which incorporates the priceless ancient knowledge, mysteries and truths of African Spirituality) has assisted us in the selection of the most important power sites.


Southern Africa’s foremost authority on sacred sites, Credo is a truly gifted being – a Healer, trainer of Sangoma’s, Author, Poet, Sculptor, Painter, Seer, Prophet and wonderful story teller. Among Credo Mutwa’s many renowned books on African Spirituality are – Indaba My Children, Song of the Stars, Zulu Shaman and Isilwane – the animal.


With Credo’s guidance over the years, together with 20 years experience in leading groups, we have developed unique journeys to the many sacred sites and places of mystery throughout southern Africa. The following are some of the Itineraries and Retreats available but we would also like to advise you that we will custom design tours for Groups of 10 or more, including a Tour Leader Incentive.

If you have a group that you would like to bring along, please contact us at and we will be happy to prepare a custom designed itinerary to meet your requirements.

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Blyde Canyon Main     View from La Baleine


Dead Vlei 1     Sea Scape