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Arrive Johannesburg International Airport where you will be met and transferred to your lodge in Magaliesburg / Pretoria.
This afternoon, after a little rest we will come together to meet with each other and have a Tour Briefing. We will also arrange for an early dinner.
Dinner and overnight in Magaliesburg/Pretoria. D/B/B.

After breakfast we will meet with Zulu High Sanusi , Vuzamazulu Credo Mutwa who is the spiritual leader of the Zulu people. Credo is one of the few ‘spiritual elders’ remaining in this world who carries an ancient knowledge and wisdom that has been lost to most of mankind.

As a healer and deeply sorrowed by the fate of many of his fellow Africans affected by Aids, Credo has developed herbal remedies to treat this disease and has achieved some remarkable results. We will also visit his newly created healing village. Renowned author of Indaba My Children, Ezulweni, Song of the Stars and other books on African Culture, he is also an artist, sculptor, astrologer, teacher, healer, prophet, storyteller and wisdom keeper of ancient African knowledge – a truly remarkable being.

We have also invited Linda Tucker, author of ‘Children of the Sun God’, to join us this evening to share with us the importance of the White Lions and the message they have for mankind at this time. Dinner and overnight in Magaliesburg/Pretoria. D/B/B.

After breakfast we check out and set off northward to Tzaneen (approx. 3 hours drive). We relax at our lodge and have some time together as a group and some quiet time before dinner.
Dinner and overnight at Tzaneen Country Lodge. D/B/B.

Nearby Duiwelskloof is the homeland of the famous and mysterious Modjadji – the Rain Queen, on whom the famous film “SHE” was based. Today we hope to visit Modjadji (if she is available) and also see the Domba Dance (Python Dance – the initiation dance of Venda women). Venda Crafts are famous throughout South Africa and we will have time to view these and spend time with a local Traditional Healer who might be persuaded to throw the Divination bones for us.
Dinner and overnight at Tzaneen Country Lodge. D/B/B.

We depart after breakfast and drive (1 ½ hrs.) to Mapungubwe Ruins, recently declared a World Heritage site as one of 24 new global sites inscribed on Unesco’s World Heritage List. Mapungubwe developed into the largest African kingdom before it was abandoned in the 14th century as the people moved, according to some scientist’s, to establish Great Zimbabwe. There are to be found the almost untouched remains of the palace sites and an entire settlement area, as well as two earlier capital sites. The whole presents an unrivalled picture of the development of social and political structures over some 400 years of African culture.

We will explore this ancient sacred village at leisure before returning to our resort to relax in the healing Spa Waters. Dinner and overnight at Aventura Tshipise. D/B/B.

Today we set off for the border post at Beit Bridge entering Zimbabwe and check into our lodge situated close by The Great Zimbabwe Ruins for a 2-night stay at this mysterious and sacred ancient city. Our journey will take us along the sacred pathway, travelling northward above the great subterranean river known to the ancient African Priests as – ‘Lulungwa Mangakatsi.’

Known as the place of the ‘Sun People’, the Great Zimbabwe Ruins have long been attributed to a Lost Civilisation who, according to High Sanusi, Credo Mutwa, were a remnant of a sophisticated seafaring civilization.
Lasting thousands of years, Great Zimbabwe was the most stable empire in Africa, ruled by a succession of Monamatapa Kings.
Of special note is that the Great Zimbabwe Ruins are situated on the sacred Nilotic Meridian (associated with Zep Tepi – the beginning of time on earth) and due north of the birthplace of the White Lions of the Timbavati – the star beasts.

A leisurely afternoon after our journey to settle into our lodge and relax.
Dinner and Overnight at Great Zimbabwe Hotel. D/B/B.

After breakfast we take a tour of the Great Zimbabwe Ruins and a local village where we meet a Sangoma who is attuned to the spirit of the ruins.
This region is bathed in mystery, and academics are divided about the history of the ruins. Many agree that evidence points to them being set up as an ancient astronomical observation system with alignments of monoliths to the setting sun at the solstices.

More recent evidence also suggests that the largest conical tower in the great Zimbabwe Ruins is a marker for a great Supernova (a death explosion of a dying star) that occurred about 700 years ago. We will spend time attuning to this site and will share information from the oral traditions of the Lemba, Venda and Shona people about the significance of this amazing place.
Dinner and Overnight at Great Zimbabwer Hotel. D/B/B.

We check out after breakfast and board the bus for the approx. 3 hour drive to Matopos National Park where we settle into the spectacular Amalinda Camp in the Matobo Hills. Once an original San Bushman cave, this stunning camp is set in some of the most majestic granite scenery in the world.
During our 4 night stay here, we will visit the “View of the World” – guaranteed to send a thrill down your spine – the resting place of the famous Cecil John Rhodes, whose body was taken by train from Cape Town to be buried here in accordance with his dying wishes.
Known as “Amalindidzimu” – the dwelling place of the spirits, it was known by the ancients as the ‘burial place of kings’.
We will explore the hills where mysterious nomads once held their sacred ceremonies and visit rocks known to the local Indebele people, that hold spiritual significance of bye-gone rituals.
The rocky granite topography boasts more than 2000 sites of the San Bushmen tribes and is probably the richest source of San rock art known.
Dinner and Overnight at Amalinda Camp D/B/B.
9 10 & 11 MATOBO HILLS
Being aware of the need to allow time to absorb and tune in to the special energies of this place, we will be sensitive to the needs of the group and plan each days activities in group consultation.
Activities available at Amalinda Camp include:
* Game Viewing by vehicle or on foot to track the ‘Horn of Sorrow’ – the endangered Black Rhino and the more abundant White Rhino.

* Visit to an African homestead to interact with local Matabele people and meet a ‘Traditional Healer’ at the rural clinic.
* Visit a primary school sponsored by Amalinda Camp.
* Relax at the specially designed rock pool overlooking the waterhole.
* Walking on the property to view warthog, zebra, klipspringer, kudu, impala, reedbuck, duiker, steenbok, hyrax and a vast variety of bird life.
* Visit to the town of Bulawayo
* Dinner and Overnight at Amalinda Camp D/B/B.

We leave Amalinda Camp after breakfast and set off for the 470 kilometer journey to Victoria Falls, stopping en route at Hwange National Park for lunch.
At Victoria Falls, one of the Seven Great Wonders of the World and the whole town declared a wildlife area, we will check into Lokuthula Lodge – part of the Victoria Falls Safari Lodge.
We will rest after the journey and this evening enjoy a barbecue in the Boma.
Overnight Lokuthula Lodge. D/B/B.

‘The Smoke that Thunders’ is the name given to the spectacular Victoria Falls and long regarded a sacred place for the indigenous people of Africa. We will visit the falls and walk through the Rain Forest on the Zimbabwe side of the falls, where we will attune to the spirit of the mighty Zambezi River.
An optional visit to the Zambian side of the Falls is possible to view the upper reaches of the river. There one can do bungy jumping and other adventures such as Elephant Safaris and flights over the Falls by helicopter or micro-lite (not included).
Dinner and overnight at Lokuthula Lodge. D/B/B.

We set off today for the approximate 1 hour journey through the Botswana border to Chobe National Park in Botswana for a full day Game Viewing experience in open topped landrover vehicles.

This park is famous for its large herds of elephants and in times of drought they congregate in their hundreds. Big herds of buffalo also frequent the floodplains and in their wake come the lions that, at Chobe, are buffalo specialists. Among wildlife enthusiasts it is a widely held belief that Chobe offers the finest game viewing experiences in the world.

We will return to our lodge late afternoon and enjoy a last night celebratory dinner.
Dinner and overnight at Lokuthula Lodge. D/B/B.

After breakfast we will hold a Group Closure and depart for the airport for the return flight to Johannesburg, arriving in plenty of time to catch the International flight home.

16. Arrive home
End of Tour