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The itinerary we have prepared may require changes here and there since we intend to follow spirit’s guidance. Wherever it feels right, we will create time for meditations, attunement or reflection.

Early arrival at Heathrow Airport where you will be met by your guides, Audrey and Stuart, and transferred in a mini bus en route to Glastonbury. After checking in to the Wessex Hotel we have a welcome attunement at the Chalice Well and some leisure time in Glastonbury.
Overnight at Wessex Hotel, Street. B & B

DAY 2.
Today we visit world famous Glastonbury Tor. Rising like a pyramid from the desert, its ancient tower dedicated to St. Michael, Glastonbury Tor is visible from all around and this great prehistoric site is comparable to Avebury, Silbury and Stonehenge.

Nearby Glastonbury Abbey is the legendary burial place of King Arthur and Queen Guinivere and is the precise spot where the Michael serpent and the Stonehenge line cross. This evening we drive to Stonehenge for a private tour and attunement at this ancient sacred site. Overnight at Wessex Hotel, Street. B & B

DAY 3.
Check out after breakfast and we continue southward through Devon to Marazion in Cornwall and check into The Godolphin Arms Hotel. This afternoon we will visit St. Michaels Mount to experience and connect with the energies of Apollo, Athena, Michael and Mary whose currents all converge here. Known in Druid times as the Citadel of the Sun, this ancient sacred site, with its legends of the sunken lands of Lyonnesse and Atlantis, has been the place of many miracle healings.
Overnight at Godolphin Arms, Marazion. B & B.
DAY 4.
After breakfast we will be joined by our local Cornwall guide, John Moon who will assist us during our stay in Cornwall. Our first visit will be to Madron Holy Well and Chapel remains. This involves a 1 km walk over potentially wet/muddy/marshy ground.
Please bring ‘clouties’ (which are small strips of cloth/threads from clothing previously worn close to ongoing or current bodily ailment) – to be hung from tree branches by The Madron Holy Well. As the cloth degrades, the ailment should also fade.
We next visit the 11 feet high standing stones of the Blind Fiddler before continuing along the processional route of the old druids to Boscawen – Un, one of Cornwall’s finest stone circles with its mysteriously angled center stone that appears to miraculously change the direction of the Serpent Energy line along the angle of the stone. Erected in the bronze age or earlier, the megalithic technology used is beyond the scope of present knowledge.
(This involves a 2km circular walk over potentially muddy and rough ground but is very worthwhile).
We will meditate at this famous site and leave ‘offerings’ to the Earth Spirit beneath the central stone & quartz stone.

After refreshments / lunch we will visit Alsia Well and then on to Carn Les Boel at Lands End, the beginning of the Serpent Energy Line that is anchored in a 5 star pentagram (node point) at this ancient megalith sentinel where the twin Michael and Mary Lines converge. Legend has it that the lines continue beneath the sea to the Arthurian lost lands of Lyonesse and onward round the Earth as 2 of the 12 primary (Druid) earth energy lines.

We will return late afternoon via the Merry Maidens stone circle and the Pipers standing stones arriving back at our hotel at about 17h30.
Overnight at The Godolphin Arms in Marazion. B & B.

DAY 5.
Today we will visit Lanyon Quoit dolmen and Men-an-tol standing stones and a holed stone one can crawl through for a cure to whatever ails you.

Time permitting we will also visit the remains of the Chun Castle hill fort and the dolmen at Chun Quoit. Thereafter a scenic drive to Trencom Hill and Holy Well where we will meet and spend time with our friends, renowned dowser and author Hamish Miller and his partner Ba Russell, who live close by. The two books written by
Hamish Miller and Paul Broadhurst are Dance of the Dragon and The Sun and the Serpent – they are regarded as the definitive works on the dragon lines of England and are recommended for reference reading for this tour.
Overnight at The Godolphin Arms in Marazion. B & B
DAY 6.
We check out of the Godolphin Arms after breakfast and take a leisurely drive through Devon to Marlborough, where we will be staying at the Castle and Ball Hotel.

This afternoon we will check out the latest Crop Circles and pay a visit to the Crop Circle headquarters at the Barge Inn.
Overnight at the Castle and Ball Hotel. B & B.
DAY 7.
After breakfast we will visit Avebury Henge, the greatest of the serpent temples on the English landscape and the heart chakra of the country. It was here in ancient times that great numbers of people gathered to take part in the Mayday, Beltane Ritual when the energies of the Sun would stream down an alignment of shrines, positioned according to their function, to create an orgasmic coupling of male and female energies throughout the land.

After experiencing the energies of Avebury, we will visit Silbury Hill and West Kennet Longbarrow. As well as being Europes largest man made earthen mound, Silbury Hill is believed to be the site of the 12th planetary Solar Disc.

This evening we have a farewell dinner in Marlborough

DAY 8.
Morning at leisure and a final Tour Closure before we set off on our return drive to Heathrow Airport to connect with the evening flight home.

Depart Heathrow Airport.

End of Tour

• Comfortable walking shoes
• Rain clothes
• Dowsing Rods
• Personal Journal
• Torch
• Small piece of cloth

An open mind and a willingness to have some fun