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Join Audrey Spronk and Stuart Gedrim on a Sacred Site pilgrimage of the St. Michael and St Mary energy Lines from Lands End in Cornwall to Avebury in Wiltshire (also known as the place of the Crop Circles).
Ancient Celts (or earlier people) have, over time erected sacred sites to mark this power line that travels from Cornwall in the south-west of England diagonally across the country to Hopton on Sea near Yarmouth on the east coast. Fire festivals were held in homage to the Earth Spirit and the return of Bel, the Sun God, with his power to fertilize the land with the energizing vitality of spring. Bel (Sun) and Earth Goddess (female) together produced the natural bounty to sustain the people and May Day fertility rituals are still observed uninterrupted since pre-Christian times.

Our ancestors were more attuned to the energy that emanates from power spots in the earth and held pilgrimages along these routes, protected during their journeys by the Knights Templars who understood the natural energy forces and incorporated them into their teachings.

More and more people are now awakening to the mystery of the earth and the universe and those who are drawn can personally interact with the elemental forces involved, which have the potential to open one up to deeper insights and activate the memory banks.

It will be our focus / intention during this tour to activate, stimulate and align the masculine and feminine energies within ourselves. We will do meditations at various sites and where possible, at our accommodations.

The ancient Egyptians understood how the natural energies worked in the human body and left us the Caduceus as a symbol of this. Likewise the Celts understood and honoured the same principle at a planetary level – The Caduceus with its two serpents entwined around the central Sun Disk staff symbolized the heavenly and earthly alignment, symbolic of the St. Michael energy (Solar – male) and the St. Mary energy (Earth Goddess – female) working together to produce the bounties of earth.

Within ourselves the spine is the central staff, or Shushumna in Eastern tradition, which encases the central nervous system. Around the spinal column we have twin energies, symbolizing the serpent energies, known as the IDA (ruled by the moon) and PINGALA (ruled by the sun). These powerful energies are stirred into activity via certain disciplines concentrated on the raising of the Kundalini, the serpent power that starts at the base of the spine and rises upward through the chakras to bring transformation, spiritual illumination and revelation.

According to mystical science the ancient Celtic rituals were thus involved with stimulating the earth’s chakras at these various sacred sites with tonal cadences (sound), words of power and visualisation practices.

Our journey will follow the footsteps of the Ancient Celts, who traveled this route on pilgrimages visiting the sacred sites and sanctuaries of St. Michael and St. Mary to re-sanctify them as holy places.